As a hub for collaborative excellence, we strive to empower researchers, educators, and students to actively contribute to and benefit from the diverse collection of open source initiatives. We have below multiple project that we have contributed to in a variety of way from design to paid student development. If you are interested in VERSO supporting a project of yours, please reach out here!

Controlled Digital Lending (2022)

Boston Library Consortium - Controlled Digital Lending (CDL) is an emerging method that allows libraries to loan print books to digital patrons in a “lend like print” fashion. Through CDL, libraries use technical controls to ensure a consistent “owned-to-loaned” ratio, meaning the library circulates the exact number of copies of a specific title it owns, regardless of format, putting controls in place to prevent users from redistributing or copying the digitized version.

VERSO provide facilitate design expertise and technical specification recommendations.

Allotxaometer Diamond Graph

ALLotaxonometer for all

The AlloTaxonometer was a Graduate Student Project to translate the previouse version of AlloTaxonometer from Matlab to Javascript. VERSO provided project management and added common industry practices like using Jira, creating stories and epics, doing standups during the week, creating a product requirements doc (much of which was used in this page) and ensuring the final product would be much more open source friendly.

VERSO provided project management and technical assistsance.

GIS Open Data Portal Screenshot

GIS Open Data Portal

Open data is data that is openly accessible, exploitable, editable and shared by anyone for any purpose. At UVM a large amount of data is created through research that may not be accessible to the general public and the goal of this project was to create a Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) Data Portal to publish appropriate data for general access through the ArcGIS hub. This was done in conjunction with the UVM Spatial Analysis Lab.

VERSO initiated the project and provided technical services to create the pages

Vermont Flooding: Humanitarian Open Street Mapping

Massive rainfall has caused extensive flooding across the Northeast with Vermont seeing extensive flooding across the entire state with some towns even being entirely cut off by destroyed roads. We created a communtiy event using Open Street Maps Hummanitarian Projects to add roads and waterways that are not already marked using satellite imagery in Open Street Maps ( to aid in the response to this disaster.

VERSO created the event, tools and facilitated collaboration with Open Street Maps to run this event

3D Center Door Post Replacement Project

This project was a collaboration with UVM Facilities in the publication of 3D Files. They were trying to come up with a cost effective solution to repair the salt damaged aluminum center door posts bottoms without replacing the entire post. From a mock up piece we cut from a chunk of plastic that was taken to the Fab Lab and replicated some on a 3D printer.

VERSO assisted in advising formats and publishing on the VERSO Gitlab


This project came from a request by the Library to create a simple application that can stitch together pdfs. Publishers will often publish a book with each chapters in seperate PDF documents, in order to make the digital copy of the book lendable the Library need to be able to stictch together a sequence of PDFs into a single PDF. Currently the workaround requires expensive software and requires expertise in that software.

VERSO provided initial development and now is partnering with volunteers to develop it further

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