Repo: https://github.com/VERSO-UVM/interactive-management-app

Tasks: https://github.com/orgs/VERSO-UVM/projects/1/views/1

UVM Research Partner: John Meluso


The Interactive Management App project will design and build an open source tool for conducting Interpretive Structural Modeling (ISM) research with participants. The Interactive Management App will produce a flow diagram that helps a group of people solve a collective problem. The app will take in a list of factors identified by research participants that affect a specific problem. It will then work with participants to figure out the relationships between factors (things that impact their ability to act). An algorithm will then determine which factors should be addressed first, second, and so on in order for the group to meet their goals.

This tool will be used in Thriving in Open Source Communities in Africa.


Tushar Asthana

I am a senior at UVM studying Computer Science. I’m originally from India, but grew up in South Burlington for the past 16 years. I enjoy playing tennis for the Club Tennis team at UVM and enjoy reading fiction books on the weekends when I'm not doing homework! Really excited for this pilot project to start!
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Grace Kinney

My name is Grace Kinney and I am a Junior at UVM studying Computer Science. I am passionate about website development and robotics. During my free time I enjoy listening to music, painting on canvas, reading fantasy novels, and spending time with my loved ones. Fun fact: my favorite ice cream flavor is Ben&Jerry’s Phish Food!
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Fernanda De Oliveira Girelli

Hi, my name is Fernanda and I'm a junior majoring in computer science. Ordinally I'm from Elizabeth, New Jersey but I've been living in Burlington for a while now and I'm loving it! I'm so excited for this new opportunity and can't wait to get started.
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James Catanzaro

My name is James Catanzaro and I am a junior at UVM studying data science. I enjoy using data to tackle societal assumptions and uncover hidden truths about the world. When I'm not busy with school, I love to read classic literature, watch old movies, and ride my bike. I am excited to be apart of the pilot project this fall!
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Sebastian Thomas

My name is Sebastian Thomas. I’m a senior at UVM studying Computer Science. I’m originally from Redlands, California but grew up in South Burlington. Whenever I have the time, I like to snowboard and play soccer. I’m super excited to be a part of this project!
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Alyssa Maguire

I am Alyssa - I'll be leading our ORCA pod for this fall. I have experience as a software engineer in the insurance industry - at Nationwide Mutual Insurance - and as a TA for several undergraduate CS courses at UVM. I feel FOSS is the best way I can nurture the world around me for the better, and I am eager to use my skillset to activate positive change with ORCA. Outside campus I climb at Metrorock, scuba dive with the Waterfront Dive Center and relax at Oakledge Park. I am excited to contribute to something meaningful and lasting!
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